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We have a one-car-garage-sized building right on Tunitas Creek Road which is now named The Bike Hut. Since this road is so popular with bicyclists, we wanted to provide them a rest stop. The Bike Hut will be open at all times on an honor-system basis. We'll provide organic teas and fair-trade coffees as well as homemade drinks and sweet and savory snacks. There's a small picnic area and you can refill your water bottle for only 25¢. You can't miss The Bike Hut - it's bright red and a great place to take a pause before starting the ascent up Tunitas Creek Road to Skyline Blvd or having just ridden downhill.

We'd appreciate your passing the word to the bicycle community. If you'd like to make suggestions please email us at

Click here to view our Facebook Bike Hut fanpage where we now post updates.

  Potrero Nuevo Farm • 1045 Tunitas Creek Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 • 650-726-5700 (ph) 650-726-5701 (fx)