Potrero Nuevo Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture, fair accessibility to food and ecological land management.
Situated in the Tunitas Creek Valley of Half Moon Bay California, the farm is one mile from the Pacific Coast.

Building living soil that will produce healthy plants is at the core of our farming practices. In addition to crop rotation and cover cropping, the land also benefits from animals fertilizing our fields. We never spray chemicals, placing the balance and vitality of the whole farm over any single pest or disease challenge.
Utilizing a 300-acre farm and wilderness property, we produce food grown in accordance with organic principles. The majority of the harvest is donated to the community through The Catholic Worker of Half Moon Bay and Puente de la Costa in Pescadero. We also host a U-Pick Club for local families and offer farm tours to community groups.

Each season we have two to three acres in vegetable production, growing more than forty different crops. Pastured chickens, managed by Tunitas Creek Organic Eggs, are rotated through the fields weekly to build fertility.