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Potrero Nuevo Farm provides charitable works in partnership with Abundant Grace Coastside Worker. The Farm donates use of its land, harvest support, seed, use of farm equipment and other materials to Abundant Grace Coastside Worker which feeds the low income and homeless. Whether you, too, want to support your community or learn more about growing food or simply get your hands dirty and your lungs full of fresh air, Abundant Grace Coastside Worker would love your help here on the farm!




For people who can volunteer on weekdays (mid-May to mid-November), you’re invited to join the Abundant Grace Coastside Worker harvest volunteer program on Monday and/or Thursday mornings. Along with the farmers and Abundant Grace Coastside Worker, you will lend a hand with the harvest. Abundant Grace Coastside Worker donates all produce to people in need. Harvest volunteers need 10 minutes of training, which is offered throughout the season. Children are welcome with their parents; we have kid-safe tools for them. Please leave pets at home. Things to bring: sunscreen, hat, layers, gloves, water.

Abundant Grace Coastside Worker Harvest Volunteer Hours:

Mondays: 9am - noon

Thursdays: 9am – noon